Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger trouble :(

Is anyone else having problems leaving comments on blogs? It wont let me, and wont let me leave any on my own! Ive had a bunch of emails from people telling me the same? what can i do?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frenchy Chair~

Okay, I'm so excited about this one! Ive never recovered chairs before, besides the ones with one seat pad so i was nervous to mess these craigslist beauties up!  I only finished one since it took me 2 hours to do it!! so here it is before...

This is my inspiration chair:

so here is the taking it apart picture:
(a million staples and a sliced finger later):

and then i put the burlap on the back.. I personally LOVE this style

and here she is DONE and I'm really proud of myself, the fabric could be a little tighter and the glued on border a little nicer, but over all I'm proud of them for my first time!

Well? what do you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Being a 'Lukewarm' Christian~

I always get a little nervous when I write a post on what I believe religion wise, especially because this is mostly a furniture blog.
sometimes I feel led to write what wants to burst out of my thoughts onto paper (or a computer screen in this case ) lol..
so here are the latest thoughts that have been consuming my mind.
My sister handed me down a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan... she said it majorly convicted her. I was a bit nervous to read it, but I did, and I'm glad I did. It majorly convicted me too!  So I'm going to just write a little about chapter 4 called: Profile of the Lukewarm

I never thought of myself of being lukewarm. never. but after reading what that actually looks like, I am sad to admit that I fit under some of the descriptions! so here are just a few of them:

Lukewarm do whatever is necessary to keep themselves from feeling too guilty. They want to do the bare minimum to be "good enough" without it requiring too much of them.

Luke 14:34
Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out.

Jesus isn't making a cute analogy here, He is addressing those who aren't willing to give everything, who wont follow him all the way. he is saying that lukewarm halfhearted following is useless. And that kind of following is for the manure pile.  We don't want to ruin manure!!

I personally don't want to serve leftovers to God. 

Lukewarm people attend church fairly regularly. Its whats expected of them, the believe they are 'good christians'
Lukewarm people give money to charity and the long as it doesn't change their way of living. If they have a little extra and it is easy and safe to give they will,  cuz God loves a cheerful giver!
Lukewarm people tend to choose what is popular over what is right when in conflict. They want to fit in at church and outside of church.
Lukewarm don't want to be saved from their sin, just from the penalty of their sin.
Lukewarm people are moved by stories of people doing radical things for Christ but don't act on doing anything they consider radical for  God.
Lukewarm rarely share their faith with neighbors or friends.. they don't want to be rejected or make anyone uncomfortable
Lukewarm gauge their morality or 'goodness' by comparing themselves to the world: as long  they are not as bad as so-and so then they should be fine
Lukewarm people will serve God and others but there are limits to how far they will go or how much money, time and energy they want to give...
Lukewarm people are thankful for their luxuries and comforts but rarely consider giving as much as they can... either to the church or the poor they have the thought of "Jesus never said money is the  root of all evil, only that the LOVE of money is"

So, there were a bunch more examples but i thought this might get too long so I will end it now :)

Jesus asks for everything. But we try to give Him less.

Im going to give away a copy of this book to someone.. If you are interested in it, just leave a comment and then I will randomly pick one of you with a random number generator.
I will pick the winner on Friday the 27th.

( LACIE DESIMONE LACY-- you won the book drawing!) you can contact me with your address and i will drop it in the mail for ya!
thanks for reading

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cabinet I couldnt sell~

In this business of 'flipping furnitre' I usually let go of everything, the weird thing is, when I come across something really great and unique, its too good to keep. I know you all know what I'm talking about. Occasionally I will keep something i love. I have this little cabinet Ive been 'saving' in my garage for about 5 months. I wasn't sure if i was going to paint it or not, then last night I decided to paint it, and sell it. Well, when it was finished i decided to test it in a spot in our front room which i have been slowly redecorating in shabby chic style, and have been switching everything out to white.... well, I decided to keep it for now :)

                                                    Here it is Before:

And after with a few coats of 'Old White'
and and inside coat of 'Duck Egg Blue'

And here is a picture in my front sitting room: 

It was meant to be there! (for now anyway)

Have a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I do This~

I get asked all the time, almost every other day, when I'm bringing furniture into my spaces at each store: "How do you find the time to paint so fast?"
"How did you build this?"
"Who helps you?"
"Where do you find the time?"
"Do you have any help?"

Well, I owe all of this to my husband Luke. I could not do this without him. And to be honest,,, I wouldn't want to.  He was there in the very beginning, pushing me to do things I really didn't want to do. I have social anxiety if you can believe it!! Its so hard for me to talk to people!! Don't get me wrong, I do it, and I get by but It is a struggle.
 He pushed me to do a show in Portland about 3 years ago when I was just starting, called Americas Largest Christmas bazaar..UGH!  I didn't want to. I got my sister to do it with me, (major support system)!! I would say to him, what if no one wants to buy my stuff?! That is a long way to go (about 5 hours) for nothing!  My husband said "They will LOVE your stuff" so i did it and it really opened the door to what I'm doing now. People really liked what i was doing and I sold enough to pay for the trip plus some !
I have expanded to 2 stores in Medford over the past few years and now have an actual schedule booked out about 2 months for the people who want me to paint their personal furniture!! I never thought my hobby would grow into an actual thriving business. And I really have to thank Luke for helping me. He never complains about my mile long 'honey do' list that i keep adding too. He builds me cabinets, sands my dressers, takes the hardware off my desks,dressers,hutches and fixes all the wonky dresser drawers and cabinet doors that don't shut... and picks up and delivers my orders. He is amazing, not to mention after he works all day long at his job!! He is a self employed Contractor so that helps with being available...(Just sayin) but I know when he works all day he doesn't want to come home and nail on appliques and deliver furniture. But he does it, and he tells me he loves to do it.
That's the thing that is so great, we both have this love for finding furniture that can have new life. So we get excited about the same things, it nice to share that together, and when I'm really busy trying to finish pieces, he watches the kids, or takes them fishing, or takes them to the park, to help me. I tell him how much I appreciate him, but I don't think he will ever know how lucky I am to have him. Or how blessed I feel that I get to be his wife.
We recently had our 10 year anniversary, and It honestly feels like time flew by so fast,,,, It was just yesterday when we were dating.... I'm one lucky girl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick lil change~

Here is a cute little 4 drawer night stand I picked up at a yard sale.

Here it is lightly sanded and after I sprayed the edges black. ( yes i painted this in my living room, Its freeeeezing outside!!)...not the spray paint part though!

Here is the first coat of 'Old White'

next came the 'Duck egg blue' drawers:

Then I painted the appliques to match:

And the finished product! It turned out so great!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Green Dresser~

Here is the Green I cant keep in the shop, I painted a few pieces this color last year and they did well, but this year I cant keep them on hand!!
Here is the dresser before, the veneer was horrible!

sometimes you can sand down the veneer to a smooth finish, and it saves a ton of time rather than sanding the entire dresser.

you can see where i sanded it, but to the touch its smooth. this works well with colored paint, not so much with white :)
here is the color painted i used paint from lowes:
I added these metal plates for a back plate, drilled holes in them and painted them the same color:

and here it is done!

This sold the first day at the local Art in Bloom Festival. I did get a dresser that is just asking to be painted this color!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Coffee table~

My poor coffee table! It has been through quite the beating.. i have repainted it about 3 times, but with my kids legos and toys they make their way through the paint.. I decided tonight i would sand the top and stain it, then paint the base an Ochre color (chalk paint) of course!  I got a before picture after I had already stained the top:

you can see the chipping black paint.
Here is the AFTER, i put a dark walnut stain on it, taped off the edges and painted the bottom the Ochre color and then put a top coat over the stain,, I'm going to distress the bottom a little tomorrow, but couldn't wait to post pictures, I love the change!

as soon as i get around to distressing the bottom, i will add to this post :)
Happy Mothers Day to you All!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Duck Egg Blue how i love you~

Well my friends, I have fallen in love. with a new color that is!  Since getting my new chalk paint, Duck egg blue is my very favorite. Its muted and rich and lovely.  here is a hutch i painted, the inside is Paris grey. It lasted a whole 2 days at the shop :)
I love how the paint changes colors with each piece you paint depending on the wood. love-love-love it
I forgot to take a before picture! darn it!! it was brown and boring, im sure you know exactly what im talking about!

here is a little maple cabinet i just finished:

Happy Painting!!