Monday, December 5, 2011

Its a keeper

I never know when I'm going to keep a piece. It just tells me "don't sell me, you love me, i would look so good in your dining room" after its done... or at least I think it does :)  I totally thought this was going to the shop.. I painted it teal, then grey, then a little dry brushing of white, then i distressed it, then i stained it.. sounds labor intensive but it really wasn't, i promise :) :)

So the before picture is seriously hideous. i almost couldn't post it because its sooo blurry and bad but i will at the end just so you get the idea of how boring it was.

here it is all done and so pretty!! its really long, over 7ft!!

It matches my table and chairs so perfectly!!

Here is the terrible before picture!! yikes!

Keeping this would mean i have to sell the hutch that currently lives in the spot this would need to go... hmm.. i don't know which will stay!!!
here is the hutch:

hmmm this is a tough one!!

Happy Painting !!


  1. The sideboard table is SO pretty!!! It looks so good in there. The hutch is really nice too. Oh- and your chandy is AWESOME!! Think of all the wonderful displays/buffets etc you could put out on that sideboard. Ahhhh....
    Great job!

  2. Sideboard all the way! WOW!

  3. The sideboard has to stay:) You did an amazing job. I'm very impressed.

  4. 7 foot of space, I'd vote for just have way too many choices. You lucky girl.

    Thanks for sharing....

    gloria g. South Carolina

  5. Hi. Just found this in pinterest. I have a dresser than I want to refurb and it's my first project. Can you explain to me how the paint distressing was done or point me to some good links? Thanks!!

  6. I would buy that in a heart beat if you ever decide to sell it =)