Sunday, June 5, 2011

small changes...

I neglect my house. Everyone thinks since I'm always painting and transforming furniture that i must have the most beautiful decor! But the truth is, i rarely keep the good stuff. I keep the seconds 90% of the time.  There has been 3 times in 3 years that i have kept something... a buffet, a hutch and a crystal chandelier.. everything else gets switched out when i find something i like better. But those 3 items have officially graduated and are part of the family now.

These are a few of the latest finds to enter the house, I wonder how long they will last :)

This Coffee table was a total steal, i wasn't looking for it and I got it for $35!

This fireplace mantle was $90.00 I got it for display in my booth for Christmas time and it just happened to work out perfectly in my house

This little side table was sprayed with that textured spray paint,(why would anyone do that!!) so i sanded the top down and found the wood to be beautiful so i stained it and then it just ended up in my livingroom.

It is yard sale "season" so these beauties might get replaced... we will see!!


  1. I love all your keepers! You need to start keeping the good I used to be like that too...and then I realized that I wasn't just working to create other homes to be more beautiful...I was working to be able to create a "home" for my family...Remember that when something stops your heart from beating...Those are the ones to keep...The ones that say "this is who we are!"...

    And BTW I had a friend who always traded things out...not just a few things every thing...and her daughters grew up and said they never had a sense of home...because nothing was ever familiar...Sad, huh? Lol...that stuck in my head...and when I trade something out (and I do)...I make sure it is not something that has too much meaning...

    Did you sign up for my second Chalk Paint Giveaway? I also am having a wax giveaway coming up...I am working with a stockist and will be rolling that giveaway out soon...
    Xo, Meme

  2. I agree about not having a sense of home for sure! I keep my kids rooms the same but i never thought of what they might think of the furniture changing all the time... thanks for that perspecitive!