Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mother Bird~

So as I was painting today,... bent over a dresser with my sprayer, I felt a rock hit my back,at least it felt like something hit my back! it hurt!! sort of weird since I was alone out there.... so then I stood up and looked around. Nothing... hmmm so i went back to spraying, then I heard a screech over my loud sprayer and looked up , a BIRD was about to dive bomb my head, talons out and beak down!!!  So i actually dropped my spray gun and ran as fast as I could run into the house. I kid you not the , bird was hopping from my sprayer to the dresser i was painting to the saw horses next to them screeching looking at me in the window!
I knew exactly what bird it was too, the one that just had some babies in my shop rafters!  ugh. so Ive been tiptoeing around its nest the last few weeks, I even moved my vintage couch under the nest just in case one fell out! And she wants to attack me! hmmph!  So I got a picture of her afterwards. not a good one though, i was too scared to wait there to get a good one! 

Here I was bent over these dressers:

Here are the baby birds:

Do you see the beak on the big one! watch out!

An eventful Saturday :)


  1. Wowww that is crazy !!! I have never heard of a bird attacking like that ~ That would have been kind of freaky ~
    I love your dresser and they are cute little baby birds ~


  2. lol hahahaah...I love this...because it has happened to me...I freaked out and remembered the movie The Birds...eeeee!!!! I loved this post...I hope you are able to paint...Come see what i won in blogland...I was a happy girl yesterday!!!! Have a great sunday!

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