Monday, June 27, 2011


Since summer vacation has started Ive been teaching myself how to balance working and spending time with my kids,,, not the making food,brushing hair, breaking up fights,band-aid putter on-er,chore enforcing no fun mom. But the book reading, littlest pet shop playing, Lego building, side walk chalk drawing kind of mom.  This has been really hard for me. I reeaalllllly want to be the mom that wants to sit and build Lego's for hours, or play littlest pet shop for hours kind of mom, but I'm so not. I do it. and I totally pretend to love it but i actually dread it. I keep asking myself is it normal that i want to be unloading the dishwasher instead of playing barbies right now? I wonder if Im the only mom like this?! I love my kids so much, and really love spending time with them, but I feel guilty working during summer break. I don't really have a choice though, I have spaces to fill at both stores that Im a vendor at, and working doesn't go over well with the kids. So, i have to delegate my time wisely. which for me means, sanding dressers before they wake up in the morning. Priming them when they are eating breakfast and then painting them in the late afternoon after we have spent the day doing whatever we do. I wonder if other moms actually play with their kids during the day or send them off to play by themselves? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times I send them to play without me, but not without a "are you ever going to be done?"  "you NEVER play with me!" "all you do is paint stuff".... and the list goes on, when this is coming from a little 6 year old girl with a basket full of barbies it makes me feel bad! should i be taking the summer off with my kids ? ugh, this is a hard one.  I guess when I thought of At home mother , I always thought of the Cleavers and mom always had dinner in the oven and a clean house and was helping kids with their homework with a pretty dress and curled hair... I cant really compare to that. I'm so not an at home mom if I'm working in the garage for 3 hours and feed my kids cereal for breakfast and a quesadilla for lunch can I? I think I might just need to change the way we look at At home moms who are trying to help their husbands in this terrible economy, and want to do something other than be an 'at home mom'... and maybe not feel so guilty doing it. yeah, that's what I'm going to do, Maybe not focus on what I'm not doing and realize that what I am doing is a positive thing for our family.

 This is us getting ready to go to the park  (not easy getting a good picture of all of us)

yeah, that's how Im going to look at it now... Its not so bad to be a "Working at home mom".. that my new title. :) :)


  1. Sounds like you're the best kind of mom, Mindy! One who is not only very in touch with the wants and needs of her children but also with the family as a whole. Don't forget to also throw in a little "me" time, too. It's what keeps us women sane. Have a blessed summer!

  2. You are speaking to my heart today, girl! I am so struggling with having 3 boys, 5.5 and under home with me for the summer. I don't have a business per say, but do paint furniture for cash on the side. I never get anythign done for my kids and never get pieces done in a timely manner. Enough about me though...thank you for writing this!

  3. We've all been there. It's just part of being a mom, stay at home or not. You're home with them, and that's paramount. I work at an office all day while someone else takes care of my kiddo. We do what we have to, and sometimes that means quesadillas for lunch and a smiley face chalk drawing instead of the entire meadow with leaping bunnies down the sidewalk. As long as we're raising them in the footprint of Jesus, it will all be okay. :)

  4. Mindy,

    This is exactly my struggle as well! You are NOT alone! My kids are not in school yet so they are home with me 24/7 and my husband works 10 hour shifts, so it makes for some really long days, especially when I'm up against a dead line.

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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