Friday, January 24, 2014

A Grateful heart

This verse rang true for me today while working at the store...
I wish I could find the words to tell you the impact that women had on my life today.
I know that our store is much more than a store, so many of our customers.. (now friends) have come into our lives through Pretty in paint and have shared a piece of their lives with us.. telling us stories of loss, the unspeakable kind, losing babies, husbands to accidents or sickness, ... living with a cancer that is slowly taking their life.. and also stories of complete redemption through Jesus. 
These stories have changed my life forever.
 The verse above is just an example of the things going on in our lives.. I have no idea what God is doing with our store. Or why he has blessed it so abundantly.. but I know His plans for us are GOOD! 
I want to thank all of you for supporting us in ways we cant even believe are possible.

I get email and phone calls every day of women wanting to open a store and want advice or tips or anything I can tell them.

I am doing the best I can to keep up with replying in a timely manner, and to give each of you as much advice I can offer, I am truly humbled that people want my advice and that Pretty in Paint gives them hope that they too can make this a dream come true.

So from all of us at Pretty In paint we want to thank you all for sharing with us!!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Farm House Decorating

My sister recently got a new to her Farmhouse... its seriously SO CUTE.

She was sweet enough to let me snoop around and take pictures... she says she isn't a decorator but she TOTALLY is. I would say her style is shabby farm.
Yes.. that is now a style.
and she is rockin it.

I wish I could've gotten some outside pictures.. she lives on a river people.. with a swing out front and a wrap around porch.. straight out of a magazine! lucky girl
She has gotten a lot of her items from Pretty In Paint.. hehehe  of course :) :)

My FAVORITE was her bathroom. I wanted to pet her shower curtain .. I really did. its that fluffy and pretty.

She made the towel bench and the other cabinet was a find from one of our travels to Portland.. if she ever gets rid of that im buying it back!

She Painted her chairs in APC paint beach glass and hometurf.
She also painted all her cabinets with Smoke Signal.. how cute is that little kitchen??

They made a chalkboard out of sheet metal for some fun in the kitchen.
I love the old windows going up the stairwell.

And some Sofas from Pretty in Paint! She did a great job decorating. Just thought I would share!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Is APC Lincolns Hat a true black??


Lots of Customers asking if American Paint Company has a true black.. they have a color called Lincolns Hat.. and I decided to test it out... on this poor sweet vanity that needed some attention:

I Painted on 2 coats of Lincolns Hat. Coverage is amazing, didn't even use 1/4 of a quart of paint.. when it dries its NOT black. It a dark charcoal color. don't worry, the top coat will darken it right up.

I used the American Paint Company Top Coat. Its my faaaavorite. I put on one coat.. let dry, about 20 minutes, then put another coat on (I used a paint brush) 
here she is all dolled up.
In My opinion, with the APC topcoat, I think this is a true black.
Keep in Mind, its hard to photograph black paint.. especially with a old old camera that has nothing fancy on it except a flash!

Happy Painting!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A new perspective

Can you all feel it??  The Christmas season has snuck up on us in a HUGE hurry.  Don't you just love how we all seem to completely by pass November's festivities?!   sheesh!  I actually see on my newsfeed how lots of my friends have finished Christmas shopping, I however have not started!

I decided to write a blog post today on how things change so quickly.. Before we had a store, I had lots of time to do what I wanted.. free time.. ahhh those were the days, time to clean my house, grocery shop, hang out with my kids.. volunteer in their classes, make food for their parites at school, spend time with my grandma.. I honestly took that free time for granted!  don't get me wrong We are so blessed and happy we made the choice to open a store, but the time consuming part of it I wasn't prepared for, and my relationships with my friends has definetly taken a toll. and I feel terrible about it. Im sure some of you guys are reading this and know who you are!! 

I get emails frequently about women all over country wanting to know how to open a store and what are some of the things that I didn't prepare for and can now tell them so they can prepare as they open their stores-- so this post is for you:

one thing is, you as the owner are responsible for all of it.

1.Keeping your books straight with all your receipts and consignment stuff... with lots of vendors, its easy to get behind

2. keep up on ordering merchandise, I order merchandise every 3 days.. then tagging it is a whole other deal.. with Luke and I together, it takes about 2 days to un-package and tag and then break down boxes. this is every week usually on Monday /Tuesday.

3. cleaning the store.. every other day I need to mop, dust , rearrange, clean windows, ect.

4. Having good customer service, I email back customers inquiries every evening from about 10-11 pm. and sometimes don't finish

5. shipping. I ship twice a week, Mondays and Wednesday. so packaging up orders, printing labels and then ship it off. then email each person their tracking # (because I like to know when im getting a package)

6. Finding furniture, countless hours of scouring craigslist, driving to Portland to find unique furniture at an affordable price... this is easier said then done! 

7. building furniture for the store, we draw our own plans for furniture and getting it right takes time!

Be prepared, you will have friends and family  that feel your distance and let you know.. and it does hurt feelings but going from an at home mom who has time when the kids are at school to working full time, you will need to find a new perspective.. and for me its God, Family then friends.. and even if it feels like a punch in the guts from guilt.. remember  We cannot do it all. our friends and family will adjust to it!

Im off to make Cookie dough Billionaire Bars.. look that up on pinterest..!!! my kids will thank me when they get home!

here are a few pics of Our Christmas display!

Happy Painting!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Let the good times Roll

Here we are at the Barnstormer Vintage Fair in Medford OR
(couldn't do it without these girls, on the left, Heather Smith and on the right her sweet daughter Isabelle)

Its been awhile since my last post, Since May if you can believe it.... Its been a whirlwind of excitement and learning from opening our Store... Making hard decisions ...being busier than we had expected, ... but we are so very thankful that the community has supported us in a not so great economy.

We just finished up an Outdoor Vintage Market, where we met some incredible people and had an amazing time... another great year has led my husband and I into thinking we might love doing the show thing.. so we are headed to Roses and Rust in Redding CA in a few weeks. .. I think we are going to apply to Farm Chicks as well.. Let the Good times Roll right?

I look back at where we were just 7 years ago, selling out of our garage and on Craigslist and realize how far the Lord has brought us, He has literally opened every door along the way. And I can honestly say its not even like working because its so much fun. Its almost not fair!  We are so beyond thankful. 

Im going to include some of my favorite pieces this summer, all are Sold but I loved these little beauties!!! They went to good homes and will be enjoyed! This first picture is the side of our booth at the Barnstomer fair

This dresser just sold and I have to say one my favorite Pieces ive ever painted!! Painted in American Paint Company Beach Glass, with black mica powder mixed into clear wax.. love

Two twin beds that I think will go down in history for the most "Liked" picture on my Pretty in Paint facebook page :) :) these sold within  an hour!

Until next time.... I hope I get another blog post up sooner rather than later!!

Happy Painting!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Grand Opening

This will be part 1
 of the Opening pictures, because there are so many I want to share!
(shout out to Lahna marie photography) if you don't know- now you know
she is awesome
The opening was overwhelming! We think there was between 300-400 people from about 4:45-9pm! We didn't expect such a huge turn out... God is so good. Isn't it amazing that when you do something in faith, and don't really have a plan God just shows up and exceeds any expectation that I would've had.. so amazing!!!
The food was great! thanks to Kim from Yay for cakes and Kim from Saucy Sisters, and my sister for the cupcakes :)

And here are some pictures so you can get an Idea of how crazy busy it was!! It was SO hot in the building the air conditioner couldn't keep up.. but that's a great thing !!!

a big thanks to Lindsay who took my crying daughter home!! thank you :) :) :)   I owe you 20 packs of diapers for your new baby. and thank you for always listening and being there for advice!! <3 font="">


and now a quick shout out to the people i truly couldn't have done this without. seriously it wouldn't have happened without them.
Heather,,, she is the kindest woman I have ever met, I'm lucky to be her friend.
Gena, for being there all the time to talk me off the ledge when i was panicking, for helping me with display and tons of other stuff.

Kim for the food, just calling me up and willing to help and make good food, thanks so much!

Heather, for being my everyday friend.. prayer warrior, and telling me how amazing this was going to be.. all the time. and her husband for helping all night! thanks!!

My Sister for organization, programs, all the computer stuff, and my mom for full support :) love you guys

Harlee, for amazing music.. did you hear her? why is she not famous?!  and Jamie for being a good listener and friend and sharing in my excitement.
 my husband!! cuz he is awesome! and cute.
and my kiddos. for being excited and supportive :)

I couldn't ask for better friends, family or support from the community. 300ish people?! seriously thats amazing.
I love you guys!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its Happening

Its Happening...right in front of my eyes, everything is coming together...

I keep telling people I dont know how this is all coming together because honestly its surreal.. and the commitment is kindof Majorly freaking me out!
I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friends for helping me with this! I have friends that i know I couldnt have done this without them.. including my sister.. who has been a lifesaver with all the boring computer-ey stuff, and spreadsheets and filebox systems ( she has total genious ideas i swear) 

The cool thing is, I'm not nervous about opening.. I'm nervous about messing up the ipad program because I'm not good with computers.. but not nervous about the business..
a few things I am learning..

* make lists because there are a trillion things to do to  open  a store (way more than I thought)

* No matter how much inventory you have.. its not enough

* Anything is Possible if you believe you can do it.. you know how our parents tell us that? .. Its so true.. We can do anything. ANYTHING people!!!! Our dreams, or goals,, are in our Reach.. If I can open a store a hope and prayer/no inventory/no building/no plan --just a few ideas scratched onto a notebook.. than I know anything is possible.

I hope my kids look back on this and see what walking by faith means, see that it doesn't always have to make sense, it doesn't have to work out on paper, No matter how many people tell you its a BAD idea. if you know in your heart its a good idea... We can still make it happen with one step at a time!! isn't that awesome! :)

More pictures to come!!